About - Cameron McGeorge

About Me

I am 17yr old, Cameron McGeorge from Glendowie, Auckland.

I have a passion for photo and cinematography, with my main interest lying in aerial and timelapse photography disciplines.

On this site you can find galleries of my best work in both video and photograph form.

Please feel free to contact me (details on contact page) about any queries, inquires, print jobs, or potential work.


Ever since my 5th birthday, when I received my very first camera, I have been fascinated with taking pictures.

On a family trip to Tonga in 2012 this passion flourished when the owner of the lodge we were staying at used one of the very first DJI Phantoms to get some breathtaking shots of the coral reefs surrounding the island.

Upon arriving home my father agreed to pay for half of my first drone - however there was a catch, we had to build it!


Fast forward six years and I have built a total of three drones and have now upgraded to DJI prebuilt drones because of their superior image quality.

Today I am most intrigued and inspired by both aerial and timelapse cinematography.

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